There was a Tragic Accident when a 18 wheeler swerved to miss 7 horses on HWY 69 at  the city limits of Wells at 1:30 am 8-10-06, ETHRS was called to the scene hoping we could save the horses, One filly was killed on impact a pregnant looking mare died later in the ditch after volunteers pulled her off the hwy, a very pretty paint gelding was in the center of the hwy with one hind broken leg and were suspecting the other hind leg was broken too, No local vet could be contacted as we tried numerous times to contact him. The owner of the horses could not be contacted either, Volunteers tried to calm the horse and we pulled him out of the hwy, He also died at the scene.

The 18 wheeler was a 53′ rig  and by looking at the situation he did all he could, he jack knifed the rig, skid marks all over the place, The driver was coming from Houston going to Dallas, The Driver said he’s never been so scared in his life, he thought he was going to die.

Please Check Fences on regular basis to prevent this from happening to your horses.