What goes in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

What goes in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

These guinea pigs are neither pig nor the form of guinea, it is a small creature where they do have specific needs to stay happy and healthy and it is popular pet in the European countries earlier and now days all over the world people are having this cute animal pet in their houses. Guinea pig’s life span is 5 to 6 years but longest living guinea pig which was recorded in the Guinness book of records is grand old age of 14 years old.

Three types of Guinea pig cages

  • Pet store cages.
  • Cubes and coroplast.
  • Other homemade cages with frames and wires.

What size the cage of guinea pig requires

What goes in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

  • Actually one guinea pig will be at least of 90cm long by 70com wide. If two guinea pigs where there it will be 1.2m long and 70cm wide.
  • Therefore, it requires at least minimum of 0. 7sq.m for two guinea pigs but the preferable size is 1sq.m space will be the best guinea pig cages.
  • For guinea pigs it needs lots of space to run around the cage.
  • Also this cage should have separate sleeping area and safe hiding places like pipes and shelters where if they feel afraid it can go inside that and get a quit, calm and peace.
  • Also your Guinea pigs need a run in and around the cage to get the sufficient exercise and to gaze.
  • Guinea pigs need hay or straw as a food. In winter as you providing warm bedding likewise it needs extra food during that time. It should be kept in the diet for good health.
  • Water is very crucial for the health of the Guinea pigs where it need a fresh water and it should be checked twice regularly in winter because water will be frozen in that time.
  • For Guinea pigs vitamin C is important to stay healthy. Where it cannot produce it naturally like humans so there is a specially made pellet for the guinea pigs which can be purchased on the online pet stores or through the retailers.
  • As a natural vitamin C supplements you can provide green leafs like broccoli, spinach kale and parsley as a good source of food to guinea pigs and avoid citrus fruits.

How to choose best location for guinea pig cage

Generally, if guinea pigs are indoor space with lots of human attention it will be good. It doesn’t matter where you keep them inside the house or in which room because the space should be just calm and quite thought these guinea pigs are very sensitive hearing it requires calm space. Preferable if the room is access to the outdoor then it would be an ideal thing as guinea pigs can be allowed to graze sometimes through an outdoor run or in a safe enclosed space which leads to outdoor.

Avoid keeping them in outdoor

What goes in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

If it is not safe because it is a small predator so other pets may hurt them easily. If you are willing to keep it in outdoor then you should be aware of other pets and animals, then the heat should be less and the best guinea pig cages should be predator proof. Guinea pigs can’t bear the heat or draft either inside the house or outside the house it needs lots of protection and care.

If you keeping the guinea pig in indoor, then don’t place the cage near to any radiator or fireplace and not in the large windows because in windows they will get excessive heat in the summer and excessive draft in the winter. If you keep them in outdoor area and if the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius it should not be kept outside. Also should not keep them in garages because fumes might kill them.

In winter months make sure that you provide extra bedding for guinea pigs to keep them warm. Then the bedding should not be anything fluffy because other may injure and raise health problems to the guinea pigs. Also soft wood products like pine or cedar wood also be very harmful for them and the best bedding for guinea pigs are hays, where that provides them a warmness and it is the main component of food for them inside the cage and it should be the best guinea pig cages with run space.