Kiowa is a really sweet horse. He will, willingly, do anything you want him to do. He just wants to make his owner
happy. A kid would be great for Kiowa someone who won’t run him to death and will pamper him. He is well
trained and likes to show it. Even though he wants to go or show off, he won’t do anything until you let him. I
ride him in a halter and lead rope (bareback) all the time and he is a gentleman. He comes when you whistle
for him and he’ll let you pick up all four feet. He has even gotten to the point that sometimes I don’t have to run
my hand down his leg, I just have to think about it and he’ll pick up his foot. Kiowa is a great trail horse; he
does not shy or bolt at dogs, lawn mowers, cars, other horses, strange noises or flapping bags .He does favor
his back leg, but it seems to be more habit than pain. He loves to run with Molly and it doesn’t seem to be
holding him back at all! I ride him for no longer than 30minutes at a time, but and he seems in no pain. A
pasture with a companion (preferable another horse) is a must. The pasture helps his heaves and when out at
pasture doesn’t cough at all, since he has been out at pasture I have had no reason to give him the injections.
Kiowa is just a big baby, I would trust him to anyone, even a small child with no riding experience.


Kiowa’s Adoption Fee Is $ 450.00
Kiowa is up to date on all shots, Hoof care, Worming,and a clean Coggins Test.
To adopt Kiowa print the folowing forms and complete them with your information then call ETHRS
for Fast adoption processing.(936)858-2194