Updated 09/16/2010

Are you looking for a horse?  Or maybe just want to help with horses?

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What is East Texas Horse Rescue & Sanctuary?
Our mission is to purchase horses from auction barn, take in unwanted equines to prevent
them from  neglect or slaughter. We are an organization that is dedicated to protecting the
welfare and improving the quality of life of horses. We are also committed to educating the
public on equine health and welfare issues.  Donations will be directed toward the care of
all equines in East Texas Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.

How You Can Help:
If you would like to help East Texas Horse Rescue & Sanctuary by volunteering  as a foster
home and services or by making donations, contact us through our donations page.  We
will gladly accept all donations. Click here to donate.
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All donations
are Tax Deductible.Under Public Charity Status:170 (b) (1)