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What do Hamsters Eat in the Wild?

Do you have any idea about what do hamsters eat? This is a very crucial question that you must understand when you buy a hamster as a pet for the first time. Hamsters have their own kinds of food which they like to consume and drink. In fact, your hamster begins to live with you… Read More »

What goes in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

These guinea pigs are neither pig nor the form of guinea, it is a small creature where they do have specific needs to stay happy and healthy and it is popular pet in the European countries earlier and now days all over the world people are having this cute animal pet in their houses. Guinea… Read More »

How to Stop Horse Fly Bites?

Many people are facing lots of issues with fly bites as they bite humans in different situations. If you reside in the farmland and rural area, then you may have ever-increasing possibilities to be bitten by flying insects such as horsefly. The horseflies majorly exist in urban areas like the lake and other areas near… Read More »

Featured Horse

Alladdin ETHRS #1, Alladdin was adopted over a year ago and he was returned when his adopter moved and no longer had a place to keep him.Alladdin has made a nice trail horse and he has been used as a hunter jumper.He is about 14 hands tall,4yr old, gelding,100% sound.He is gentle but the rider… Read More »