About Us

We here at East Texas Horse Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc are devoted to educating the public on
equine health and welfare.  From time to time, we will offer educational displays pertaining to
equine health care and welfare.  Check our “Events” page for any upcoming displays.

Neglect HURTS! The 2 pictures on the right are of the same horse 2 weeks
apart after a little love and care.  Already there is a big difference!!


We are also devoted to helping abused and neglected horses recuperate, and
find new loving homes, thus gaining a second chance at life.  We work with
these animals to regain their trust and help them regain their health.  Then, we
adopt them out into caring homes.

Otherwise these unwanted horses might wind up in slaughter-houses across the
nation, forced to suffer still more inhumane treatment and pain.

Please help us help them.  We are in need of volunteers to help us with these
animals.  Contact us for more information or simply go to the membership
information page and get your membership application.